kulaAlong with a rich cultural content, the island of Korčula is a real discovery for fans of sports and active holidays.
Nature has endowed the island of Korčula with a clean and crystal clear sea, set around the well-maintained beaches and unspoiled bays. There are many biking trails that are stretched across the whole island and that lead to the beautiful beaches. One of these trails passes right next to our Fei Fei apartments. You will be able to use these trails and ride the bicycles, provided especially for you. The island of Korčula is ideal for swimming and diving in the underwater world of exciting flora and fauna, and especially for surfing.

surfOur guests can leave their surfing and diving equipment in the safety of our Fei Fei apartments garage. During spring and fall, surfers can “catch” a strong north easter (bora) and a moderate souther (scirocco). And during summer the north wind (tramontana) and the famous landward breaze (maestral) create excellent conditions for surfing. Due to the proximity of the island, surfing is very safe and all enthusiasts regardless of their level of knowledge and skills can surf.

For those who prefer a more Fei Fei (relaxed) atmosphere, there is a private beach available for our guests, right next to our Fei Fei apartments.

ribaFor those who are looking for additional gastronomic delight or a new culinary experience, there is also an outdoor barbecue made of stone. You can take advantage of this opportunity to try our homemade olive oil (a welcome gift).

Sights and attractions of the island of Korčula

We recommend to our guests not to miss out on a visit to Marco Polo’s house, which is located north of the St Mark’s Cathedral in the center of the old town of Korčula, which is only 10 km away from our Fei Fei apartments.
The other attractions include the Old Town and its ancient buildings and narrow streets, as well as nine churches that are situated in the town core.

In Korčula, you have the opportunity to visit many valuable monuments and institutions such as, the City Museum, the Bishop’s Treasury, the Icon Gallery and art galleries. The walls that surround the entire island are also an attraction in itself. The city of Korčula has two ancient entrances – the Sea Gate and the Land Gate. Although it was once widespread along the entire Mediterranean, the traditional knight game called Moreška is now held only in the town of Korčula. The people in Korčula have been playing this game for the past 400 years. The game consists of a display of a war conflict (using swords) between two kings (the red and the black king) who went to war for the love of a beautiful girl. The game is performed to the accompaniment of orchestral music, and the game itself has Moorish roots.